Friday, July 13, 2007

Last Laugh

Hehe, I didn't think she was going to do it but she did!

The glamorous C's parting email at work was as follows:

"Hi All
After three years I am finally leaving *** for pastures new. I have made many good friends here and I will be sad to say goodbye. Just to let you know I've got a new job. I know you'll miss me but I'm pleased to inform you that I've found my new calling in life. I will start my induction course beginning of November and am really looking forward to all the strenuous activities I'll be challenged with. The benefits and rewards are endless. Pls see attached my new team."

Not many people could have pulled this off but she got some great responses, including requests to apply for jobs at her new place!


  1. Ooooh give me some of that!! x

  2. That's awesome. She's darn clever. We are all envious of the new team who will be under her. ;)