Monday, July 16, 2007

Gals and Pals

It was our annual girlie uni reunion this weekend, as usual at JC's in Warrington cos she's got the biggest house!

Many people think it's strange (yet great) that we all still keep in touch with other, making an effort to meet up at least once a year after all this time (well over ten years since we graduated), maintaining email contact (albeit sporadic) in between and exchanging the odd birthday and Christmas cards.

What's even stranger though is that the guys we went to uni with almost always arrange their own little 'boys only' reunion at the same time - they all went off camping in the Lake District this weekend - in this wet weather, rather them, than us! Next year, I think a big proper reunion is being arranged, so boys will get to meet the girls for once!

It's always easy for me to book a weekend off to meet up, but many of the others have to arrange baby sitters, etc and we also found out that JS is expecting her first in December! Well, that must have shelved her wedding plans...!

As you can imagine, some of the conversation during the evening was centred around the joys/bloody horrors of childbirth but mostly, it was reminiscing our times together as students. All were supportive of my predicament - see, there's a reason why I keep in touch with friends!

Much wine and champagne was quaffed (gone are the days of cider and beer, though I still drink the latter), we went to a posh bistro for dinner and had a great laugh. We were so busy chatting that we didn't get a chance to get the Wii out!

Sunday, all felt a bit tender (and a bit achy from sleeping in one of the boys' bunkbeds!) but we still managed to tuck into a big fried breakfast!

Felt knackered but had agreed to meet the glamorous C for a coffee so I drove to Cheshire Oaks.
Had a good chinwag and then her kids persuaded me to go back to theirs for a bit, tempting me with their could I resist? I had to get my fix! :-)

Dragged myself away around 6.30pm (they'd wanted me to stay - aww!) and got home nearly two hours later after some horrendous traffic on the M56.

Checking my diary, I don't have any free weekends until September - great for the social life, dire on the bank balance!

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