Tuesday, July 17, 2007


25 days to the start of the football season and there's all sorts of police raid shenanigans going on already, just to spice things up nicely.

Next on the cards, a club will be bought by 50,000 like-minded fans but there's nothing sinister about it.

I touched upon MyFootballClub the other month - the plan is for 50,000 fans to chip in to buy a small English club, with the aim of propelling this club (in time) up the ranks, ultimately to the dizzy heights of the Premier League. More info here in the first newsletter, for those interested.

We are now really close to the target for registrations, close to putting our hands in our wallets and handing over our cash, close to voting on which club to buy (likely to be a lower or non-league club).

It's a Football Manager game made real and for £35 a year, you could be involved in supporting and steering your club to success.

This isn't an investment opportunity as such, so those thinking of making megabucks out of this are in it for the wrong reasons.

What are my reasons for being involved? As if my days aren't fun-filled and action packed already, I want to endure the thrills and spills of being an 'owner' of a football club and being part of history!

Yes, well I just reckon it'll be fun! :-)

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  1. Hi Weenie, have done similar re the club ownership site. Just fancy a go. I also do a blog, mainly about Crewe with a bit of other stuff. Have added you as a link if that's ok. Please do similar if you like. Best wishes Crewe blog www.crewe.tv