Monday, May 14, 2007

Fat Lady Sings But Do You Want To Own A Club?

So another Premier League season is over and Man United are crowned champions, despite losing their final game at home.

But this loss was absolutely significant (winning goal scored by centre-of-controversy striker Carlos Teves), as it meant that West Ham United were not relegated.

All eyes went to the relegation battle between Sheffield United and Wigan Athletic. Wigan had to win to stay up and win they did, with 10 men left at the end, consigning Sheffield United to Championship football next season. Wigan truly deserved their victory, purely for the effort and self-belief of the players. I did feel sorry for Neil Warnock and his Sheffield players however.

Probably only one more football post before the summer so I may as well mention this that has caught my eye this past month - the opportunity (along with 50,000 fans) to buy a majority stake in a football team:

There's been a fair amount of publicity for the website, ie BBC website, GMTV, Radio 1, Five Live and the guy behind it all is not hiding behind the internet anonymously, ie there's information on who he is and how he's linked to football.

The idea isn't new of course, but there's been numerous cries of 'scam' hurled at the idea. Registration is free, once 50,000 registrations has been reached, each member will be asked to part with £35 should they wish, so how is that a scam? It's a gamble!

So far, over 20,000 people have registered (including myself) and for £35, I think it’s worth a punt as I’d like to help any lower/non league club, just thinking about how this would help English football, from grass roots up.

Will it work? Maybe, maybe not but it's worth a try and worth experiencing the thrills and spills of being part of your own club!

You spend more than £35 on a night out and only have a hangover (or kebab belly) to show for it!

Check out the site for more info.


  1. I think it's fair enough to say, that when you gamble, you are expected to see scam, and plenty of it! Read my recent post on my blog.

  2. It really depends on where and what you gamble on.

    I would not expect to be scammed if I went to a bookies nor if I bought the Lotto from a high street shop.

    Online lotto syndicates - that's a different story!

    This football thing - I don't think it's a scam.

  3. I'm far too much of a coward to gamble on anything!

    (Abhorsen is fansatic and I see you have Psylocke as your profile pic - really cool)