Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thieves Among Us

On Tuesday, someone on the second floor of our building at work had her ipod stolen.

Said ipod was not left lying around, but was in her handbag, under her desk.

Company security now requires us all to wear electronic badges to allow us in and out of buildings and also in between floors, so it's likely that whoever stole the ipod was not someone who's sneaked into the building but a fellow employee.

Cheeky thieving scum.

I'd best stop leaving my things lying around my desk, ie mobile phone, purse, handbag - been here too long but these days, when I look around, there's loads of people I don't know or don't recognise and any one of them could be light fingered.


  1. it had to be a fellow employee to know that she had an ipod and to go looking for it. That's one thing I hate about our department, everyone is on the same room and I have no place to lock up my crap.

  2. Some thieving cnut stole a camera from someone at the hostel I was staying in in Brasov. Definitely another backpacker as the staff just wouldn't do such a thing. Several weeks' worth of photos gone with it as well :(

  3. Think you're right, Bad Sheep. Unfortunately, in an open office of around 60 people, it could be anyone...

    And Mosher, an ipod and songs can be replaced, but photos are really personal and irreplaceable - what a bummer! :-(

  4. Blimey, I keep my bag under my desk in full view of everyone. I'm so naive! Hope they get what's coming to them.

  5. Well, you are all northern! :-P