Monday, July 23, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

I need some sunshine - my tan's fading!

Ok, I'm probably being insensitive, complaining about the weather like this when there are thousands of people in the UK who have been made homeless due to the flooding caused by torrential rains. I read about their plight in the news but what can I do except think how fortunate I've been?

Anyway, took Friday off to attend the RHS Flower Show at Tatton with the glamorous C and her family. I was the only sensible one in the group with wellies on, it rained continuously but I didn't get too drenched and it was still a good day out, checking out the beautiful show gardens and the different plants/flowers on show.

A relaxing weekend at the glamorous C's - her family are as sweet and batty (and as mad about shopping) as she is and they have far stronger London accents - maybe hers has softened slightly from her years of living up north? She still sounds posh though!

Went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which was ok, not as good as The Goblet of Fire. Good special effects though, and my, how the 'children' have grown up! I must admit I had a tear in my eye over Sirius!

Bought a another bikini (I think I may have enough now...?) and some Hong Kong Phooey bedwear. Need to go for a big shop for some summer gear, a trip to Primark or TK Maxx must be on the cards over the next week or so.

Ate loads over the weekend, didn't drink much and didn't do my tennis elbow physio exercises ... oops! The glamorous C wants to try to lose half a stone over the next month and work on getting a flatter tummy. Now that she's a lady of leisure, she should be able to do it easily, maybe try a pilates class at the David Lloyd. I could do with doing some yoga, body seems in dire need of stretching and relaxing!

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  1. I cried in HP too, and all my friends laughed at me. I think I was more mourning the fact that Gary Oldman won't be in any more films though, lol.