Wednesday, July 04, 2007

London Calling

So on Thursday, I went down to London for a long weekend to visit my big sis, to meet my new nephew, catch up with my mum and some old friends and get some tennis action. All these boxes were ticked, so how's that for an organised trip? :-)

My four week old nephew - well, there's not a lot you can say about babies, except he was a cute little wriggly thing, he stopped crying when I picked him up so got some brownie points with his Auntie and I managed to avoid any vomit or projectile poo incidents!

On Friday, I was outside the gates of Wimbledon, queueing up with other mad tennis fans in the rain! I thought it was going to be sunny down south so had sandals on but hey, at least I didn't have soggy socks like the guy who was complaining behind me! The rain was intermittant and when it did stop, it was brilliant sunshine.

Only in Britain do you get a queueing card which explains the do's and don't's of queueing - ooh we are just so civilised!

Anyway, two hours later, I paid for my ground ticket and legged it to one of the outside courts. I stayed and watched the ladies match on Court 13 - Michaella Krajicek v Anna Chakvetadze - a great 3 setter with two tie-break sets but which took over 5 hours to complete due to the occasional showers - Krajicek won in the end. I was rivetted to my seat, not just because of the action but because if I'd left, someone else would have jumped into my seat!

And no Pimms or strawberries for me this time, as I was on a budget!

Saturday morning I met up with a friend from uni who lived close by - it was nice to catch up on news and gossip. Later that day, I went shopping with my mum - I haven't seen her in over a year and was a bit apprehensive, given my new singleton status and the lecture I knew I was in for but she wasn't too bad and we had a great day out - of course, we only went into shops she wanted to go into, ie Burberry's and Harrods, stopping for tea and scones in the latter! Am I posh? Yeah, right!

On Sunday, met up in Camden with some old gaming pals O and SM (who turned up with missus and kids in tow) who I've not seen in a couple of years. That day was also the first day England had turned smoke-free so they were continually nipping out for a quick cigarette.
Anyway, it was good catching up although they spent the entire afternoon trying to persuade me to play World of Warcraft. I already know a bit about this game and I know for a FACT that if I played it, I would get totally sucked in and addicted. I want a social life so I reluctantly passed on this...
Five pints of Guinness later, I think I agreed (in principle) that I was going to play the game* and then spent the next one and half hours stumbling around the Underground trying to get back to my sister's - ack, had forgotten it was a limited service on Sunday! Still, I got back before midnight and didn't get too much grief!
And then, it was time to head back up north, to more rain, to the ex-bf, to work.
Won't be long til my next trip!
* fortunately, I found that my laptop at home does not have the specifications to play the game - hurray, I think!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Hope your house wasn't under water when you got back.

    So, posh AND wanted to be Wilma Deering eh? Nice ;) (She was always girlie around Buck because she knew he was the Six Million Dollar Man really.)

    Bent is clearly better than an old and over the hill (but younger than me :( ) Henry. Let's hope Torres isn't just a budget Shevchenko for your sakes. He he.

  2. Sounds like you had a cracking weekend.
    And that's always good, eh?

  3. A Guiness drinker, cool :)

    And an rpg gamer, are you sure your female? ;)

    Just kidding, from my experience girls are more hardcore gamers than the lads!

  4. If you add football into the equation, then yeah, I'm maybe a pretty mixed-up female!

    But there are occasions for Guinness (ie with the lads) - I switch to more girlie drinks when I'm out with my gal pals!

  5. Yeah, probably Blue WKDs :-P

    Torres (£27m), Tevez (£20m), Bent (£16.5m) or Silva (£8m). Best striker signed this summer so far?

    Gotta go for Bent really, haven't you?