Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wake Up It's A Beautiful Morning

Lovely weather this weekend, early 20s which is fab for April.

This weekend was also a weekend of sport, with various FA cup semi-finals being played, the Grand National horse race (I didn't win this year...) and the usual glut of Premiership games. I went to one of these games and it turned out to be a bore draw (Manc City v Liverpool). But the weather was fab and where we were sitting, we were right in the sun and since I'd been prepared with sunglasses and suncream, it was brill!

The Scouse fans were as noisy as ever, singing their 'We won it five times' song and of course 'You'll Never Walk Alone', but the Man City fans sang a different version back to them:

"Sign on, sign on
With hope in your hearts
Cos you'll never get a job
You'll never get a job!"

Today was another scorching day, spent time catching rays in the garden and caught up on some reading. Shame the BBQ we had couldn't have been better but we can't all have perfect days.

Quarter-end has been and gone, time to consolidate things like the meaning of life etc methinks and hope that the answer is simply '42'.


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  2. There's another one that's sung to the tune of one of their songs, but I don't know the original title:

    "In your Liverpool slums,
    Iiiiin your Liverpool slums,
    You go through the dustbins for something to eat,
    You find a deat rat and you think it's a treat,
    In your Liverpool slums"

    Always goes down well.

    Mind, the loudest chant I remember at Anfield was when we were losing 4-0 in the 88th minute. "5-4! We're going to win 5-4!"

    Needless to say we didn't...

  3. LOL sounds like you and a friend of mine would get along swimmingly.. Is it bad that I suddenly have an urge to matchmake..?

    thanks for the comment on my rosevibe blog - I totally agree the pin method works best where the grand national is concerned!