Monday, April 16, 2007

Monster Makes Its Move...

Last week, we were called into a scheduled team meeting. Pretty ominous as it had been nearly four months since our last team meeting, where we were introduced to our new director who assured us that "everything was business as normal", "there would be no changes", "no one was moving anywhere" - yeah, the usual bollocks.

Immediately prior to this latest meeting, there had been another gathering, with just the managers from one section of our department - they found out that they were all being put on consultation (all 4 of them) as their jobs were to be merged with similar roles in the Bristol office. Likewise, 4 managers in Bristol have been put on consultation. There are a total of four 'new' jobs for them all to apply for - 3 in Bristol, 1 in Manchester. How's that for cost-cutting, getting rid of 4 managers in one swoop?

Anyway, two of the managers are fat-boy-teachers-pet and the Teacher herself, who recently got him the promotion. This is justice in a way as he didn't deserve that role, but I still feel kinda sorry for him.

Director-guy says no decision has been made about the rest of the department, so we're still in the dark.

After the meeting, I asked him specifically about my role. I was told that he 'would let me know', which probably means that he doesn't have a clue what I do. Great.

What should be a better year is starting to look all pear-shaped - bring back 2006!

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