Wednesday, April 11, 2007


One of the guys at work in a nearby department handed his notice in recently. With holidays taken into account, his leaving date is 27th April.

Yesterday, with his boss still off on Easter hols, he announced that he couldn't be arsed coming in anymore, that it was his last day, from now on he would be on 'garden leave' and sod the hand over.

We get paid two weeks in advance, our wages are due this Friday (HURRAY!), so he will be paid for the last two weeks of April.

Not sure what happens in cases like these - would the company send him an invoice for this unauthorised leave, as I reckon it's too late to make the deductions from his wage? Can they make him come into work?

He's totally left his colleagues in the lurch but then, he was always pulling sickies so it's good riddance really to bad rubbish.


  1. Anonymous2:44 pm

    some people are such arses.

  2. I don't think I could ever do anything like that, but then again I am nice, trustworthy and respectable ;)

  3. If he has any holidays due then I imagine your (so far un-named...) employer would deduct the days he has missed from the final holiday pay.

    Otherwise, if they are a big company, I doubt they would make a fuss. This will be the main reason why a lot of companys have you work a week in hand.

  4. I would suspect they'd hold onto his P45 until he pays them back the money owed. This (sort of) happened to me when I quit from PC World. I'd taken a years-worth of holiday in 6 months, so when I left I had to send them a cheque...

  5. I do hope they hang onto his P45 just to give him a piece of the grief he's causing people here. Like there isn't enough going on as it is...