Sunday, May 21, 2006

Eurovision Rocks!

In bed with a stuffy cold and the bf out with his mates, what better way to spend a non-alcoholic Saturday evening than to watch the Eurovision Song Contest?

The usual European bland pop, some nice-ish ballads, witty Wogan quips, lots of leg and bosom, some funny chanting and for the first time...some ROCK!

Finland won by a mile with their monster-dressing rock band, and I should have trusted my gambling instincts and put a few quid on Lordi to win.

Sweden take the Eurovision seriously (forever looking for another ABBA-type success) but these last couple of weeks, I didn't even know what the Swedish entry looked or sounded like, but I knew all about Lordi cos they were being interviewed by everyone wanting to find out about the weird Finns behind the monster-masks.

Lordi on Top of the Pops next? I wouldn't bet against that!


  1. I spent a non alcoholic saturday evening watching it too.

    When Lordi came on me and my husband thought it was brilliant. I said it would be great if they won thinking they didn't stand a chance in hell amongst what tends to be a pop contest.

    We didn't watch the results, so when he told me on Sunday that Finland had actually won I thought he was joking!

  2. I had a tenner on Russia who (I think) came second. The Swedish entry wasn't bad, actually - a proper euro pop stomper...

  3. The Sweedish entry sucked. Lordi were great, but I liked the Lithuanians better.