Sunday, May 14, 2006


I was in the gym and I saw the Spanish guy (Fernando Alonso) win the Spanish F1 motor racing thing. However, as he stood on the champion's podium, they played the French national anthem.

I'm not sure that I would recognise the Spanish national anthem, but I do know how the French one goes and they definitely played it. I was half-expecting Alonso to point out they were playing the wrong music but he didn't.

I've never understood motor racing...


  1. they played two anthems: first the pilot country's anthem (spanish) and later the constructor country's anthem. The French anthem was played for the winning constructor (Renault)

  2. Thanks for the explanation - I must have missed the first anthem.

  3. I was going to ask what team he drives for. I'm totally uninvolved in F1 this year. But keikai has pointed out what happened.

  4. Speaking of anthems .. have you heard the FOOTBALL CRAZY CD.

    As a non-football fan it's pure comedy. Tony Christie (Is this the way to) The World Cup. Why? Did we not have enough the first (second) time around with Peter Kay?

    "England win the world cup"

    Coming up next ... he's doing (Is This The Way To) Wimbledon.

  5. No, not heard the Football Crazy stuff. And still not heard Embrace's official England song...bit ominous that they've not been playing it on the radio...