Saturday, May 13, 2006

Last Gasp Champs

Well, it was one of the most thrilling FA Cup finals in a loooong time and it made me laugh and cry.

Liverpool beat West Ham on penalties - it was like the Champions League all over again (but not quite).

2-0 down after some sloppy play (and an own goal), the Reds managed to pull one back with a Cisse goal.

Master of Midfield Stevie Gerrard then bagged the equaliser before the Hammers went ahead again. All seemed lost before Gerrard scored a stunning goal in the 90th minute for the game to go into extra time.

The players had already given their all in the first 90 minutes and many kept falling over with cramp in their legs. After a goalless extra time, it was penalties and the Reds' keeper Reina was the hero of the day, saving 3.

Yep, I cried but in a happy way! A great way to end the season.

Roll on the World Cup!


  1. I agree.

    And did I mention I groped Sue Perkins last night ?!

  2. LOL - you must be her Number 1 fan (and hopefully not in a Kathy Bates 'Misery' kinda way...)

  3. A great game! Made up for the dodgey first 20 minutes!

    Wouldn't everyone kill for a Gerrard in their team?

  4. It was possibly the best cup final I've ever seen but I feel so sorry for the Hammers.
    Still, what can you say about Stevie Gerrard that hasn't already been said?

  5. Brilliant game but I was absolulty gutted for the hammers!

    I would have liked to see them lifting the cup. :(