Sunday, May 28, 2006


Have managed to avoid watching Big Brother since I've returned from Stockholm for the long weekend but it's hard to pick up a newspaper without finding out about the freaks and weirdos on the show.

I caught the Swedish Big Brother final last week ... if people think the BB Brits get up to naughty stuff, well let's just say there's still a loooong way to go before they catch up to the saucy Swedes!

TV watershed? Doesn't exist over there, so there was full-frontal (male and female), boy trying to snog boys, girls snogging girls, lots of nudity and sex (ok they didn't actually show the actual act but they played the noises and various moving duvet shots...). I checked the time - it was 7.10pm, so probably early enough to put anyone off their tea!

I think the girl who won had slept with 3 of the guys, but I could be wrong - it was all in Swedish and I wasn't looking that closely at the moving duvet shots...too busy trying to eat my tea!


  1. Nice!

    I too noticed in France that their didn't appear to be a watershed, minge on the telly at teatime!
    Shocking, filthy swines!

  2. Holy Cow! I think there is lots of drama in US reality TV but nothing compared to this! Frontal nudity - No. Moving duvets - Yes.