Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dazed Days

Righto, I'm back after a great trip in Hong Kong - more on that later.

In the meantime, I just need to post a load of #100 Happy Days to get myself up to date - I'll add photos at some point!

So in reverse order, starting with today:

Day 91: Day off to recover from jet lag, managed to squeeze in a boiler repair service so no need to take more time off for that!

Day 90: Arrived back in Manchester and it's sunny!

Day 89: Nice meal out with the family. I had posh fish and chips (yes, I went all the way to HK and had fish and chips!)

Day 88: Yummy sushi and a night out with the sisters!

Day 87: Caught up with my uni friend HM and met her husband for the first time.

Day 86: Not happy that my aunt (Dad's sis) is in hospital with kidney problems but visited her and it was great to see that she looked very well and comfortable and will be able to go home soon.

Day 85: Day out with my aunt (Mum's sis) and my cousin who could be heading over to Canada on a research gig.

Day 84: Walked my niece to her school bus...in shorts and wellies!

Day 83: Met up with my friend from uni 'Dr Ho'

Day 82: Slept through a really rough ferry trip, where they were handing out sick bags!

Day 81: Scored 166 in ten pin bowling and also saw the 'House of Dancing Water' show.

Day 80: In Macau, but armed with rain mac and wellies!

Day 79: English breakfast with the family!

Day 78: Full body Thai massage - some bits were relaxing, other bits felt rather painful! And I did find it strange to have someone bigger than me walk on my back... Not one to try at home, kids!

Day 77: Badminton with Nephew #1

Day 76: Sister #3 asked if I wanted a handbag she said didn't go with her outfits. I wasn't about to say 'no'...

Day 75: A good sleep on the plane, before arriving in HK to see all the family!

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