Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Ok, get the sport out of the way first - no winners on the Grand National this weekend - my horse Seabass came third, so I ended up winning some but no profit.

An excellent FA Cup Semi Final between the Scousers, with the Reds triumphant in the end - even Andy Carroll scored! :-)

Out with the girls for the April girls' birthdays - met up in Kro Bar for a couple, watched the National then onto 101 Brasserie for some good food.

At some point, ended up in the Old Nag's Head to listen to people on the karaoke (didn't try ourselves).

Good night, lots of drink.

Woke up the next morning, having forgotten that I'd made myself noodles before I went to bed, had bruises on my legs and had some pain to the left of my chest, next to my lung.

Pain didn't go away, really struggled to get out of bed, so I went to the docs on Monday - I appear to have pulled a muscle next to my lung but how? Maybe from the gym and then worsened from sneezing, coughing or probably laughing on Saturday!

But ow...it really hurts, even when breathing!