Friday, June 01, 2012

Rodgers Revolution...?

I was on holiday when Kenny Dalglish was sacked as Liverpool manager and I was shocked and unhappy. Yes, the team only finished in 8th place, some 37 points adrift of the leader(s) but there was a trophy in the bag (for the first time in 6 years) and also another cup final.

I think he should have been given another year at least.

There was then the whole merry-go-round of who was going to be the next manager - it could have been anybody and I really thought it was going to be Martinez (had money on him after Boom mentioned him) but after 12 days, Brendan Rodgers left Swansea City to become the new gaffer.

Am I happy? I guess in a way, we could have done worse and gone for a high profile manager and everyone would have expected immediate miracles.

Let's hope the owners and the fans give Rodgers the time needed.

We surely can't do worse than 8th next season!

Anyway, I have been away on hols but hopefully will be updating here shortly.

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