Friday, March 30, 2012

Social Geeks

Following the ‘relative’ success of the last meet (I say relative because a couple of people fell out afterwards but that’s another story…), I drove up to Darlington the other weekend to meet up with some fellow World of Warcraft players. Ok, so to use our WoW character names, I met up with Lapi,(Cheryl) Uri (Bri) and Undead the guild leader (Adam)  whom I’d met previously and Antek (Ant), Gotwood (Curtis), Angrysheep (Paul) and Jonnydepths (Jordan) who I was meeting for the first time. We did look a motley crew hanging outside the B&B as I checked in – yes, I was last to arrive, despite being the closest; Gotwood and Angry drove up from Dorset the previous night, Undead from Leicester.

As always with meeting people for the first time and chatting face to face rather than online, it was a little bit awkward at first but things relaxed really quickly. We chatted about all things WoW, guild progression, basically ideas to get people motivated again about the game since many are just waiting for the next expansion set to come out. I still love playing but it’s a shame Boom has gone over to the ‘dark side’, ie playing the Star Wars game now when he has time. It was a lovely sunny day – seemed strange that I was sat outside in my vest top sipping beer as if I wasn’t in a northeast town in March!

I was the oldest of the group this time, the youngest only 19 but I didn’t feel out of sorts. I was careful not to drink too much though (didn’t want to be old and disgraceful) plus didn’t relish a bad hangover the next day. Lapi and Uri invited us to their home and introduced us to their dog Lister.

All in all, an enjoyable day and night out – after a nice meal in a local restaurant (my steak was a bit overdone but it was ok), we went to find somewhere for a drink and a chat – unfortunately, it was Darlington on a Saturday night so the only place we could find reminded me strongly of Peter Kay’s ‘Phoenix Nights’ - a little working man’s club, complete with glitter ball, 3 people inside, woman singing karaoke and playing tracks from the 70s! We only stayed for one drink as the 19 year old was ready for home after trying to keep up with the men all evening.

Nice B&B, with a mini military museum-cum-bar downstairs and my hangover wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t enjoy the full cooked English breakfast the next day!

The next meet will probably be sometime after Lapi has given birth (in real life, not in game!)

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