Saturday, November 12, 2011

Monkeying Around

I finally got round to seeing the Arctic Monkeys live.  Kept missing them at festivals but I finally caught up with them. 

For a bunch of Yorkshire likely lads, they gave a very polished and accomplished performance.

Still prefer the stuff from their first two albums, maybe I'll grow to like their newer stuff.
My average gym attendance hasn’t been great this year, only around 7 visits per month. There’s always a blip around April/May which is when I go to Hong Kong. I go away for two weeks and then I’m jetlagged/ under the weather /caught the lurgy for another week or so – rubbish!

I’m used to having a small ‘winter layer’ around my midriff which I tend to work off over the summer but I appear to have a ‘holiday layer’ which I developed over the summer! Now we’re in winter again, I need to keep up with the exercise as I seem to be falling into bad habits with my eating and drinking.  Finding myself a little heavier than usual, I realised what part of the problem was - Kopparberg Cider! Switched back to my usual beer for chilling at home so things are sort of going back to normal.

I had a recent health check at work: blood pressure was low, cholesterol and glucose levels normal, good lung function and a BMI of 21.4. However, I apparently don’t drink enough water and I should increase my vegetables to fruit ratio. I’ve made an effort this week, drinking more water/green tea and nibbling on carrots at work.

But sleep? I went to bed an hour earlier than usual and woke up feeling more tired than usual? WTF? Maybe an hour was just too much! Also, I find that if I don’t read before I go to sleep, I struggle to sleep (although sometimes, a good book keeps me up late as I’m still reading in the wee hours!).

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