Monday, October 17, 2011


…it’s been two weeks since I got back from a lovely relaxing holiday but I still haven’t quite gotten over the cold that I caught on the plane coming back. Not so bad that I had to take any time off work but the worse thing is that for once, I think I put some weight on (all the great Greek food!) and have been unable to go to the gym (didn’t want to cough over everyone!) so my clothes have felt decidedly tighter round the waist.

Back to the keep fit routine now from this week and I feel better already.

Work has been relentless, really don’t know where I’m coming or going. I had some pending stuff which I put in a box before I went away. I haven’t looked at the box as I’m just working on stuff that’s been landing on my desk/inbox daily.

Unlike JH or SW who have been working late, I refuse to do so firstly because I don’t want to go down that road again and stress about work when I get home and also because staying til 7pm (unless it’s one particular thing that needs to get done for the next day), all I get is more frustrated as by 7pm, I can still see a load more stuff that needs doing.

These days, I value my health and sanity more, so if I leave bang on time to go to the gym, I aint doing anything wrong, nor do I feel guilty.

Plus, I won’t be getting a bonus this year as usual and after the holiday rescheduling fiasco, I’m not going to work my arse off any more.

I’ll reconsider in the new year though, I won’t hold my grudge that long!

[posted in Nov - didn't realise this was stuck in Pending!]

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