Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The one good thing about the strikes today - no traffic in the morning!

My pension contributions will go up by 2% from January 2012 and by a further 2% from January 2013, so effectively doubling in two years.

My 'perks/benefits' eg medical and gym have all been downgraded and I shall not be getting a pay rise next year. So, I'm paying more for my pension and more for my gym membership with no pay rise to absorb the extra...

No, of course I don't work for the public sector. I have to like this or lump it.

Welcome to the real world, strikers - there is just not enough money in the pot so we ALL have to pay more!


  1. Traffic's always better when the schools aren't in. Especially when you're a teacher driving to the school when nobody else it...

  2. Corridors a bit echoey then!

  3. Actually, yes. I think there were 6-7 staff in. We normally have (I'd guess) 120 or thereabouts, plus support staff, cleaners, etc.