Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pretty Majestic

I was thinking of not going to see Kings of Leon because Boom couldn't come with me - the people at work I spoke to who I thought would be interested already had tickets. Then I realised I hadn't asked my mate HW and I know why I didn't consider her at first- she never has any money so wouldn't be able to afford the tickets. I think she earns more money than I do, lives with her bf so where does her money go? Where does anyone's money go?

Anyway, I gave her the ticket and I'm glad she came with me. HW is one of those people who doesn't feel the need to speak and I like that. A couple of my other friends, given the chance to have me on my own to themselves would be grilling me about anything and everything, just to make conversation.

It had been raining all week but that day, it was glorious sunshine, the evening staying light right up til past 9pm. The queues for the bar were massive - at some point we joined a queue that was inching along really slowly. It was only when we got near the front that we realised that it was the queue for the men's loos - but why didn't the men standing in front of and behind us SAY ANYTHING!!!? Embarrassing or what!

Anyway, we couldn't have gotten drunk if we'd wanted to (not with those queues) but plenty of people were and sun and drink don't mix so we saw some people kicking off, mostly arguments due to people throwing drinks around. Interesting but only if you're not too close and in the firing line!

In all, KoL were excellent, 'Use Somebody' was my favourite and their new stuff is pretty mellow.

I love outdoor gigs (when the weather's nice of course). I have tickets for the Leeds Festival - think I'll have to sell them though. :-(

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