Monday, August 01, 2011

Same Old, Same Old...

Arggh, still not gotten round to posting any happy stuff and now I'm posting crap stuff again!

The Glamorous C didn't go on holiday with me last year due to work commitments but she was determined this year.  We looked at various places in Greece and opted to return to Kefalonia where we visited several years ago.

The day we originally wanted to travel on meant that I'd be off work for 7 days whilst my boss was off at the same time, so we chose a later date, with only an overlap of 4 days. Not so bad...or so I thought.

Boss won't sign off the holiday because he's of the opinion that if I'm off on those 4 days with no cover, the whole company will apparently grind to a complete halt and all hell will break loose. Complete bollocks of course. My dotted-line boss gave me no support either when I asked him about cover.

Perhaps I should be flattered that I'm just so important to the business but no, I'm just f*cked off. I lost a lot of respect for my boss today because he won't stand up to his boss who won't admit to lack of resources in the department. What do they think is going to happen in those 4 days that I'm off, that is so absolutely vital that only I can sort out?? My boss has been a good one over the years but his spine is on the weak side.

And it's so convenient that when it comes to handing out bonuses, I don't qualify for one cos I'm not part of the team but if I want holidays, I'm letting the team down. Hooray for double standards!

I've had just one sick day this year - imagine if I was a complete sicknote? I'm sure the business will just carry on as usual.

The Glamorous C is now frantically trying to reschedule the holiday but it's going to cost us.

What a load of crap! :-(

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