Monday, April 04, 2011

Thievin' Scumbags

Day off work today, first day off since just after new year. I had to go into Manchester to get my China visa sorted out (yes, I have a little trip planned), get it all done and dusted in one day so there's no to-ing and fro-ing or having to post my passport etc. But why do passport photos have to look so horrific and criminal like?

Anyway, up earlier than I would normally get up for work, tram into town, queued up, got my ticket and then a few hours to wander around the shops before the visa was ready.

Tried on some summer clothes, bought a coupla items, sat and read a bit in McDonalds with a cuppa tea, tried on some glasses, then picked up the visa (£110 lighter in my bank balance), sorted - nice stressfree day.

But then it went all wrong .....I was listening to my iPod waiting for the tram, there were quite a lot of people on the platform for a weekday I thought. As the tram pulled in and I got on, the usual bit of pushing and scraping past ensued. My music cut off as my headphone jack appeared to have gotten snagged as someone brushed passed me.

Only when I went to plug it back into the iPod, I couldn't as it was no longer in my bag, it had been swiped by some thieving little shit! F*cking disaster!

And to cap it all, the ticket inspectors had just boarded so whilst I was more interested in checking that nothing else had been nicked rather than produce my ticket, they were thinking I was one of those non-paying scumbags until I finally got my head in gear and proved them wrong. But what a mess!

I can only think that it was taken by someone who was on the platform behind me, who had clocked that my iPod was in the front pocket of my bag, not really secure but yeah I know...crap! There seemed to have been more people on the platform than who actually got on the tram and I remember wondering at this for a split second before I discovered my loss - wouldn't surprise me if it was a gang of tea leaves.

My purse and moblie phone? In separate zipped up pockets as was my passport - that would have been a true disaster of Titanic proportions if that had gone!

Technically, the iPod didn't cost me anything as I had used vouchers I'd been awarded at work to buy it but that's not the point.

Majorly pissed off :-(

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  1. People = shit

    You can add that one to your playlist when you replace the music player.