Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Not so Easter Bonnet

My week gets worse....

This is what my windscreen looks like after the bonnet of my car flipped up and smashed it as I was driving home.

How could the bonnet flip up like that?

The car went for an MOT in the morning, they mustn't have closed the bonnet properly. Since I didn't drive over 30mph from the garage to the office, it wasn't fast enough to move the bonnet. But as I sped up to join the motorway....BANG!

It could have been worse, I could have been on the motorway itself on the outside lane with people in front, behind or to the side of me and me not being able to see F all with the bonnet up. As it was, I was on the slip road so just pulled over to the hard shoulder.

Fortunately my friend from work CK was behind me and she saw the bonnet fly up and pulled over when I did. She stayed with me until the recovery truck came.

I was shaken but unhurt and quite calm, it was surreal.

Why me?

Now to deal with insurance but first, another £250 excess to pay up! :-( I could cry and nearly did when the glamorous C called to see if I was ok.

Oh, I did cry when I heard from Boom... :-(


  1. Damn - you should claim that back off the garage if they were responsible. But good luck with that!

  2. Cheers Rol - the garage are sorting things out.