Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Recession, what recession?

In the football world, there's no recession or cutbacks. The clubs just keep on spending and spending from never ending pots of cash.

Fernando Torres has completed a £50 million move to Chelsea - I'm stunned and disappointed but well, what's the point in trying to keep a player who wants to move to a club that still has a chance of winning some silverware this season? Boo hoo! :-(

In return, Toon's Andy Carroll has been poached for £35 million - far too much I reckon.

Pro's - only 22 years old, prolific goal scorer, England player.

Con's - a bad boy prone to hitting his missus, court case over his head so he could end up behind bars, currently out injured.

The Scousers have also signed an Ajax player, Luis Suarez for £22.7million.

Still not optimistic about these shenanigans but I'd say I feel better than the Newcastle fans do.

Anyway, adios Nando - please don't score too many against us! :-(

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