Thursday, January 20, 2011

Drat Droylsden

It's been a while (last March) since I went to an Ebbsfleet United match - since they got relegated to the Conference South league, I haven't seen them play. Not live anyway, did catch them on an online stream.

But, as 'luck' would have it, they were drawn away in the FA Trophy against Droylsden - finally, a Northern fixture!

I managed to drag CK along with me (that's me and her in the pic - I'm on the left...) - she's only ever been to watch Man City, so she wanted to experience a non-league match.

Was great to catch up with the MyFootballClub crowd and also the familiar faces of the fans who travel up from Kent to follow their team. Also, it was great to be cheering the Fleet, singing the songs, banter with the home fans.

Sadly, 'luck' was against us football-wise -  had a goal disallowed, we lost 1-0, missed loads of chances, although their stand-in keeper (first keeper got injured) was our bane that day.

CK enjoyed the match, thought it was a very vocal experience. A shame that I messed up her diet by 'making' her eat chips and have beer, lol.

When we said our goodbyes, one of the Kent lads gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, asked if I was on Facebook and said I should get myself down to a home match. Bless his little teenage socks!

I do hope the Fleet get promoted - have missed going to the matches.

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