Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Girl On Tour

[Long post warning!]

So, I went on holiday to Kos, Greece on my own - no glamorous C, no Boom (who was ok about me going solo).

Daunting for a first timer but I thought what the hell, gotta try it, eh?

The flight from Manchester was full of the 'silver brigade' and no I wasn't booked with Saga holidays - hmm...least no wild partying!

Stayed at the Atlantis Hotel a mile away from Kos Town, all inclusive though inevitably, I didn't make full use of the privileges. And hey, you got a wristband like those you get in festivals!

Anyway, when I got there, was rather shocked, not at the hotel which was lovely but at the mounds of wrinkly flesh on display - old men in Speedos *shudder*! And lady, you really shouldn't be wearing a string bikini at your age! Around 80% of the other guests were German, rest were Dutch or Russian. Only a few other Brits there, not that I was thinking of hanging around them, I was planning on being strictly anti-social!

So I had 7 days of really just going to 3 places - beach, poolside, bar.

Was a bit scary the first night when I realised that I had to bag a table in the restaurant on my own but I got over it and it was fine and I got into a nice little routine.

Apart from a few 'hellos', I didn't have any conversation with a single person all week and you know what, it was quite liberating. I just mooched about doing my own thing, didn't have to think about anything or anyone.

Some women I think viewed me a bit suspiciously, ie was this woman on her own to pick up men? Err, no thanks, keep your fat old husbands/boyfriends thank you very much!

Did I go topless? Yes, but depending on which part of the beach I was, there were accusing eyes from the women and the shifty eyes of their husbands who sometimes even moved their sunbeds for a better view... hey lady but I was at the beach first (before 10am every day!) so if you don't like what I'm doing, go some place else!

Weather was hot with a brisk wind so you didn't feel the need to keep jumping into the sea, which was very choppy, so much so that I didn't dare go very far from the beach and my snorkelling gear stayed in my case.

Kos has a lot of history but did I see any of it? Did I f*ck! The furthest I ventured was over the road to the bar to watch football!

Hotel food was alright, the restaurant run with military precision - the roast beef was divine, nice turkey escalopes; also ate loads of pancakes!

The hotel was immaculate, I left a nice tip for the cleaner never thinking that I'd bump into her but I did as I checked out and she thanked me - I was a little embarrassed!

So no adventures really, although I did nearly hit some woman in the head as I was skimming pebbles in the sea...oops! It was a truly relaxing holiday, short on laffs although I do often laugh at myself!

So would I go away solo again? If I have to be a Billy-no mates, undoubtedly!

Some numbers off the top of my head that I just need to jot down for some reason...

1 - Number of people I saw with an Amazon Kindle
3 - Mosquito bites I got
3 - The floor I was on (and I took the stairs for exercise!)
5 - Number of books I read that week
14 - Number of Doctor Who episodes I watched on my iPod
32 - Number of pebbles/rocks I brought back with me, weighing a couple of kilos...
196 - Number of items of luggage that came before mine when I got back to Manchester airport
304 - My room

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