Sunday, October 24, 2010


Whilst I was on hols, part of a filling in my tooth fell out so I went to the dentist to get it checked out.

I thought it would just needed patching up but as is often the case with my bloomin' teeth, it's gonna be expensive.

When my filling fell out, part of my tooth was damaged so now I need a crown, which is going to set me back £550...yes, ouch!

But that's not all. The x-ray showed that it was possible that I may need root canal treatment and I won't know if it's needed until the dentist opens up the tooth properly prior to fitting the crown. Root canal treatment will be another yep, £550!

Maybe I should just swallow all £1100 and be grateful I don't need dentures (yet!)

So much for saving for my next holiday - time to budget again methinks!

edit - since drafting this post, I didn't need the root canal treatment but I'm still £550 down! And down in the mouth!


  1. Shit. Not cheaper just to get the thing out?

    I had root canal done a few years ago. And a filling replaced. And an x-ray. And 3 other fillings.

    Cost me £75.

    Mind you, the work was done by a mate I went to school with who happens to be an awesome dentist.

    At the moment, I'm getting a wisdom tooth out in December which, thankfully, is a hospital job and therefore free. I could do with a cap on another tooth (the one I had root canal on), but new dentist has advised that it's as well leaving it. No risk of further problems as things stand and too expensive to spend the cash on unless I was bothered.

  2. If I had the tooth out, then I'd have to have a false one put in or I'd have trouble chewing on that side..*sigh*. Cars and teeth - get more expensive with age! Though I'm not sure like you'd I'd be able to go to a friend, awesome dentist or not!