Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo*

The past few weeks have been mostly a blur and I need to start sorting things out, sort my life out.

Mum's situation has been on my mind but today, I spoke to her and she gave me the news that she does not need to undergo chemo treatment. When I came off the phone, I wept with relief, it felt like a big cloud had lifted off me.

Summer finally seems to have made an appearance so I took advantage by having a day off work on Friday and sunbathing in the garden. The heat and sun felt lovely after such a long winter. Hmmm...must do something about the weeds though, looks incredibly untidy, especially compared to the neighbours' gardens.

A strange weekend really; Rafa's reign at Liverpool has ended, which I'm not too happy about to be honest - if there was a replacement lined up, fair enough but there isn't. Thanks for May 2005, Rafa. 

England have lost their captain before the World Cup has started - hope this isn't an omen of sorts.

* and yeah, I've gone under the needle again. Always planned to after the first one but this is the last really, it is.


  1. oohh, an actual dragon tattoo? Cool.

    Hope your Mam continues well, and that you do too.

    I think the media have been very harsh on Rafa, I know that Liverpool didn't do that well this season, but not all of that was down to him. Most fans seem quite sorry to see him go, from what I've heard people saying.

  2. good to hear that about your mum! You must have been so worried!