Sunday, June 13, 2010


Regardless of England's progress in the 2010 World Cup, this tournament will, I think, be remembered for the noise of the vuvuzela trumpets/horns everyone seems to be blowing in the stadia. The question is....why???

Think of the buzzing of thousands of extremely large angry bees and you won't be far wrong! Bloody annoying to be honest!

Anyway, the usual frustrating England start; a magnificent opening goal from Stevie Gerrard but then, a terrible schoolboy error by our keeper Robert Green, gifting the USA a 1-1 draw. Not quite a disaster but that should have been victory.

I was hoping to celebrate both a win and my birthday but it wasn't to be. Had a most ungirlie football evening at the glamorous C's, with good food, lots of beer and all matters of footie on the tv!

I'm in a couple of the usual fantasy football leagues for the World Cup, even running a small one at work (with a small donation to charity so I don't get done by the rules-geeks for gambling...).

Anyway, come on England - you can do better!


  1. Girlie is as girlie likes :) Didn't catch the England game (well, I saw bits of it) but it does seem like you were fairly unlucky. That being said I can't stand some of the English players, so while I normally cheer on England I'm not this year.

    And yes those vuvuzela yokes are the most annoying thing I've heard in a long long time.

  2. We were unlucky that game but tonight, against Algeria, we were just plain old crap!