Wednesday, April 07, 2010


My little sis gets married in 10 days time.

When she announced the wedding date a year ago and let us know her 'colour scheme', I surprised everyone (including myself) by going out immediately and getting my wedding outfit, a lovely fitted strapless frock.

I tried it on recently.

It appears that I have somehow lost weight and the dress is now too big! Being rather light in the bosom area anyway, the strapless frock will no longer stay up…without straps!

So I took it in to be altered and am glad that I didn't leave it too late. It fits better now, although I think I will take the spare straps with me just in case of wardrobe malfunction a la Janet Jackson!

Am kinda looking forward to the wedding and seeing all the family. Stressed now about work though. Can't concentrate. So much to do yet I keep procrastinating.

Need to focus or I'll be even more like a headless chicken!


  1. Oh gosh, all that stress has caused your bosom to shrink. Not good. I suffer the same problem - I have little enough to start with and then any weight I lose seems to go off there sadly.

    I am sorry that work is stressing you again. But at least you can count down the days till you head off.

    I bet you will look wonderful in your dress. Maybe you'll treat us to a photo??? If the dress stays up that is - I know it's not THAT kind of blog!!

    Enjoy the wedding!

  2. I'd have just used this as an excuse to pig out on chocolate cakes until the dress fitted me again.

    I mean, if I wore dresses.

  3. Haha Gina, it'll be bad enough that there will be lots of wedding photos with me in the frock so there's no way I'll be posting one up here!

    And Rol, it did cross my mind that I should pig out to make the dress fit me again but then I realised that I will be gym-less for two weeks surrounded by lots of food, sensibility prevailed!