Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Company of the Year....allegedly

Last week, in our industry's equivalent of the Oscars, the company I work for picked up the prestigious award for "Company of the Year".

An historical first, we beat off strong competition from our fiercest competitors and the announcement was made before 1200 of our peers and key customers.

The funny thing was that when it was announced in the office, the first reaction was not of "Wow, that's brilliant!", it was "How come we never won this when we were actually good?"

The second reaction was of course "Do we get anything for winning?"

I guess we were the best of a bad bunch, the economy and the recession hasn't been kind to us, although we are now in "growth mode" in all aspects apart from resources (human that is).

I just wish that some of my colleagues who left this past year or so due to redundancy could have been around to get this.

As an aside, I also found out that many people got bonuses for last year whereas I got f*ck all. Time to bring the topic up to my boss again, methinks.

1 comment:

  1. Well, I guess it is encouraging really - should mean the company is relatively safe and your job with it.

    If others got bonuses and you didn't, despite your glowing review, then yes, def speak to your boss.