Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Spaghetti Mishap

Cooking and drinking - they don't go together or maybe I've just too much on my mind to be multi-tasking right now!

Was cooking some pasta the other day.

Opened a bottle a beer.

Swig of beer.

Chopped up some veg.

Swig of beer.

Stirred pasta to stop from sticking together.

Swig of beer.

Continued until pasta ready and moved to sink to drain off water.

Knocked over bottle of beer with pan.

Caught bottle with left hand, almost like how Angelina Jolie does with the wine bottle in the film Mr & Mrs Smith….except I'm still holding the pan of pasta so...

Hot spaghetti and boiling water over right hand and wrist.

It didn't hurt at the time but later it did and now I have long thin spaghetti burn marks - looks like I've got some tropical worm disease. Skin still a little tender too.

What a muppet! :-(


  1. haha lucky it didn't fly up and hit you in the face or you might be looking a bit ood-like yourself!

    Burns are awful though - they are really sore and seem to take ages to heal.

    Are you left-handed by any chance?

  2. No, I'm not left-handed so yeah, seems weird that I was able to catch the bottle! Burns are itching like mad now but still sore - owwww!

  3. Wow, I bet it burned for a good bit. I did a stupid thing once with a sweater I pull out the dryer. The zipper was hot hot hot and it landed on my arm. I had the weirded burn marks for days. And i was not drinking beer.