Saturday, February 27, 2010

Leagues Apart

Last Saturday, I made the train journey up to the Northeast to watch Ebbsfleet United play fellow Conference strugglers Gateshead FC. Never been up to Newcastle before, not sure what I was expecting but well, I saw the river Tyne and the Angel of the North so I'm happy!

Was happy with the result too, the Fleet winning 3-1 in the end. Not been to a match where the fans weren't segregated so it was a little weird to be sitting so close to the Geordie accents shouting "Howay the Heed!" Was a long day, home late after an entertaining evening in the pub with three Scottish lads who didn't make it to the game as they'd stayed in the pub!

On Sunday, me and CK went to the Man City v Liverpool match. Premier League? The non-league match between Gateshead and Ebbsfleet was far superior! The only highlights of the match were that we had good seats so I was able to take a good pic (left) of Stevie G, and Torres came on as a sub after prolonged absence due to injury.

Probably the most dire and uninspiring game I've ever been to, neither side appeared to want to play or win, ending in a bore draw which suited City more. Perhaps the game should have been snowed off.

In a week when Portsmouth becomes the first Premier League side to goe into administration with debts rumoured to be over £70 million and Chester FC gets booted out of the Football Conference for not playing their fixtures, who would want to own a football club? Ahem.


  1. Excellent result.

    Whenever I visit my friend, Jean over in Northumberland and we go out somewhere I have to get her to translate. The first time some people spoke to me I really did think they were speaking a different language. The accent is so broad.

  2. A guy at work is a Geordie and after a few pints, he needs a translator too!