Tuesday, February 09, 2010

In Off The Post

Time for an obligatory post about football, hasn't really been mentioned the latter part of last year as there wasn't anything good to talk about.

Liverpool in freefall, out of all cup competitions, calls for Rafa's head, etc. Me, I want him to stay - how will getting rid of the manager right this minute make us suddenly win the league? It won't and I cannot forget the success he has brought to the club since he's been manager. Not Premier League success but that will come... Believe!

On the back of a few wins (albeit rather unconvincing) we're sitting in 4th place and I hope we stay there, it's the most we can expect really - such a disastrous season compared to last year's.

My non-league side Ebbsfleet United have finally climbed out of the relegation zone and I witnessed them beating Chester City at the weekend. Our top striker Magno Vieira (from Brazil no less!) was Conference player of the month in January (scored 6 in the last 3 games) and we saw him knock in two cracking goals to seal the win. The club are financially in the straits, membership of Myfootballclub is at an all time low but at least we're not (yet) suffering Chester City's plight, whereby the club was put up for sale for £1 - no takers as there's an 'unknown' amount of debts.

The team Ebbsfleet played against on Saturday were made up with many young lads, since many of the senior Chester players haven't been paid….

A few weeks ago, me and CK went to the Man City v Man U Carling cup match - we avoided getting caught up in the nasty 'fan' trouble afterwards. Shame City couldn't repeat their performance at Old Trafford a week later.

Got tickets for the Man City v Liverpool game - obviously shan't be supporting City that day but nor will I be jumping up and down when the Reds score as I'll be amongst all the blue fans!


  1. Ah yes, you haven't done a footie post in ages.

    I remain ever hopeful (and perpetually disappointed) re Preston. They always get close to promotion but never actually make it. Perhaps it's just as well?

  2. It would be good to see Preston promoted, another northwest club up there. Shame they're always nearly there but not quite!