Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tiger Tiger

The Chinese Year of the Tiger starts today - "Kung Hei Fat Choi" to all - may your year be full of good fortune and prosperity.

Thus far, the year hasn't been great for me so perhaps the year according to the lunar calendar will have better in store!

Healthwise things haven't be as good as they should - I mentioned the insomnia before, well that is better now though could still improve.

I had a really bad cold last week, resulting in me leaving work early and having the following day off as I had a temperature that had me shivering one minute and then sweating like I was in a sauna the next.

Just recently had to fork out over £565 to get a crown fitted; - something happened toothwise whilst I was on holiday in November (still not done my backdated post on this yet) and I've just paid for it, as the temporary patch up on the tooth was just that, temporary :( There was pain involved but this time, more on my bank account than in my mouth, but still!

And yesterday? Well, I won't go into the gory details but either I've eaten something that's really disagreed with me or I've caught a tummy bug - let's just say I spent nearly all of Saturday in the bathroom in agony! At one point, I was lying on the bathroom floor as I couldn't move!

Still not right today - I daren't eat or drink anything, just had a bit of toast and then the inevitable happened! :( If it doesn't improve, I'll have to phone the boss to warn him I may not be able to come in and try to get an appointment with the doc.

Oh yeah, happy Valentine's too....

I hope I'm all better very soon, got a busy week and weekend planned!


  1. I'm a Tiger! :)

    I'll settle for either good fortune or prosperity. I'm not greedy....

  2. Hehe, hope you enjoy a bit of both then!