Monday, April 20, 2009


Well. Has summer finally arrived in the UK? It appears to have. Whilst not sweltering in temperature, there was a lot of sunshine this weekend, warm enough for me to don my bikini to catch some rays in the garden. Not quite beachside/poolside sunbathing but it was a step forwards and both mind and body felt better for it.

Caught up (on the phone) with my mate MA in Glasgow – not been in touch with her since last August so it was good to catch up on the latest news on her new career, divorce proceedings and her love life – she had me in hysterics!

Boom went down to Wembley to watch Man U vs Everton in the FA Cup semi-finals. Man U lost on penalties – looks like Fergie got it wrong this time, it was arrogant of him to think that his ‘reserve’ team of kids could win. Ok, so it was a draw after normal and extra time but his penalty takers were all left back home! It was hard to know what to say to Boom afterwards – I felt for him cos his team had lost but at the same time, I was happy that Man U had lost!

Anyway, on Saturday, he announced that he was going on holiday with his best mate, a last minute deal – they flew out today. The glamorous C is working away in Portugal this week but I shall catch up with her at the weekend. My mate from work JH is on hols for a fortnight.

It’s going to be a long week for me – maybe I should crack on with some housework and chores. Or maybe I just can’t be bothered.

Crap… I miss him already…


  1. You were in Glasgow and you didn't say! Pah. I was down there over the weekend.

  2. Sorry Mosh, my post was misleading (I've amended slightly) - I meant to say that I chatted on the phone to my mate who lives in Glasgow...I will try to arrange a trip up there sometime this summer!

  3. Ah, well. I'll be here!

    And get the word verification string I have to type in to post this:


    You'd think it knew.

  4. Missing him already.....hmmmmm....serious then!