Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So Near

Heading to Stamford Bridge needing to win 3-0, all believed that tonight's match between Chelsea and Liverpool was a foregone conclusion, that Chelsea were as good as through to the next round of the Champions League.

I was tempted not to watch the match but I'm glad I changed my mind in the end - turned out to be one of the best matches I've watched in a long time, despite the result.

By half-time, Liverpool were 2-0 up, courtesy of a cheeky Aurelio free kick and an Alonso penalty.

Chelsea pulled one back, they then equalised and then shockingly, they took the lead. 3-2....all over?

But the Reds kept on going.

They equalised with a Lucas goal and then amazingly, Kuyt scored to put them ahead at 4-3! The score now stood at 6-5 on aggregate, with Liverpool needing one more goal to win on the away goal rule....

But it wasn't to be - fat Frank scored for the Blues to make it 4-4 and 7-5 on aggregate and that was that - dream over for another year for the Scousers.

I was close to tears at one point, thinking we could do it. Ah well, shoulda, woulda, coulda. Easy to say we can now concentrate on the league but that's another mission impossible but hey, it aint over til the fat lady sings!

Boom's turn to sweat it out tomorrow when Man U face Porto.


  1. I watched this in a bar in north Brooklyn - even Mrs. RS thought it was a great match and she hates football (I had to bribe her with Baileys to go drinking at 2pm :) ).

    I felt a bit sorry for you but Benitez has removed all goodwill I previously felt towards Liverpool. He's too bloody annoying, hypocritical and myopic. Just like Fergie really!

  2. Twas a great game, shame about the result. Hey, I believe in Rafa!