Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bad Day

Last year, I had my share of bad days at work - threat of redundancy and increased workload meant that I ended up working silly hours just to try to catch up and the stress ended up getting to me.

I came into this year knowing that things were not good and in this way, I've been able to cope, so although things haven't been ideal, I've just gotten on with stuff and it hasn't gotten to me.

But the other day...that was a bad day.

The girl who found out she was being made redundant on Friday? On Tuesday, she came in to clear her desk. Just like that, the company got rid of her after nearly 10 years service. We were all shellshocked as we thought she would still be with us for at least a couple more weeks.

Next, I was invited to an 'emergency' conference call. Intrigued, I accepted to find out what it was all about.

Joy - I find that I'd been dropped right in it, as this was apparently the third conference call regarding this particular customer (and coincidentally, Boom works for this company!) and people had 'forgotten' to invite me to the first two sessions...

And guess who had to drop everything to work on this immediately for the customer? And guess who would take the flak if the work was wrong, yet I had to rush to get the piece done on time for the customer's directors, with scant information and the bloody account manager pestering me every 15 minutes asking "Have you done it yet?"


That's all I did that day, when I had a to-do list as long as my arm.

At 5.30pm, some people were surprised as I packed up to go, as they thought that I was going to stay late to catch up on stuff that I didn't get to do that day.

Not me - I get no thanks or pay for doing overtime (unless agreed beforehand under certain circumstances) and anyway, my aerobics class beckoned and I need the exercise to keep my sanity.

I so need a holiday.


  1. That sounds like a really shit day - hope your weekend football makes up for it (well Ebbsfleet maybe :-P )

  2. Great results for both RS, but Man U pipped us today witha a last gasp winner against Villa. I'm not too unhappy, could be in for some winnings if the Midlands derby ends in a draw tomorrow!