Thursday, April 09, 2009

Chocs Away

A disastrous result in the football last night against Chelski - Boom didn't gloat as much as he could have, for which I was grateful. Why should the mere result of a football match bother me so much? I don't know why, it really shouldn't matter but it does!

Aside from the fact that the new CEO of our newly merged company has announced that there will be no pay rises this year, it's been a real slog of a week at work so I'm really looking forward to the long weekend. Sure, the weather's supposed to be rubbish (though this hasn't stopped my hayfever from turning up early) but it's time away from the office and work.

Came into work this morning and and on my desk was a very large Thorntons chocolate egg, courtesy of the boss - very generous of him, although it'll no doubt be in my fridge for a very very long time!

I bought some chocolate from Thorntons myself the other weekend - white for the glamorous C, dark for Boom, none for me.

Anyway, hope people have a nice little break and don't overdo it with the chocolate!


  1. I have had hay fever for two weeks now....its driving me crazy! AND I have worked over 40 hours this week despite it only being a four week one.and am beyond exhausted..... Definately in need of a restful holiday weekend and LOTS of chocolate, which I certainly will be eating.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend even if you DON'T eat the chocolate egg!

  2. The weather seems quite nice so far although who knows what the next hour may bring, let alone tmro :)

    Enjoy the choc.

  3. Anonymous4:07 pm

    I'm sorry to hear things are difficult at work yet again. But hope you had a good long weekend.

    I am not into chocolate myself but I have enjoyed a few beers and the children have been scoffing the stuff.

    Preston have dropped out of the play off area - down to sixth. They always do that. Grhhhh!

  4. I have enjoyed some chocs, thanks. And welcome back RB, will check on your blog later. Preston still have a chance - they're still close to the zone!