Friday, February 06, 2009

60 days

How did we get to the end of the first week of February already? Time passes by when you're having fun as the saying goes - there is some truth in that but time seems to pass by quicker as you get older too so does that mean old/older people are always having fun??

As is always the case, after Christmas, New Year and also Chinese New Year, I am absolutely skint. 9 days til pay day but the large overdraft on my account will just swallow up my wage when it drops in.

My gas bill installments are increasing yet even with the central heating on, I'm close to wearing a bobble hat round the house it's so cold.

Anyway, today I saw photos of my little nephew #1 wearing the Liverpool kit that I bought him for Christmas - nearly brought a tear to my eye!

Have a nice weekend all, I intend to, it's been a rubbish week at work (don't want to rant right now...)


  1. Old people never look like they are having fun. But perhaps they are really and just don't want us to know.

  2. RB....We ARE the old people! LOL! SOOO glad feb will be over soon. I think I hate it more than Jan...

  3. yes..I agree...I was so glad to see Jan go and am hoping the same is true of Feb. is there ever enough money? ugh!

  4. No, no, no I am not an old person. Bet I'll still be saying that when I am 93. I hope so anyway. Hopefully I might have decided to give up wearing shorts by then.

  5. Ladies - we're only old if we act old and since I don't think any of us are sitting at home doing errr old people stuff, then we're ok!