Friday, January 30, 2009


The good and bad of football:

The Bad - things had been looking good for Liverpool, on their way to their first league title in 20 years, looking pretty invincible with a comfortable lead.

Until someone flicked the self-destruct button, the proverbial bubble exploded and they drew their 9th league game and have slipped down to 3rd place, allowing Man U and Chelsea to overtake...bummer! I know it's not all over yet but...

Anyway, they face Chelsea on Sunday - I'm not hopeful but shall try to watch and endure the match even though I know it will be a frustrating one.

The Good - giving football back to the fans, Ebbsfleet United's FA Trophy tie against Swindon Supermarine tomorrow is going to be completely FREE to attend, paid for by Ebbsfleet's online community owners, MyFootballClub.

The match (with the FA's approval) will also be streamed live on the web so that overseas members of MyFootballClub can follow their team's action.

Ebbsfleet have been in the news again, with MyFootballClub members voting on the historic signing of a player, Darius Charles from Brentford.

Gosh, I'm glad it's Friday - it's been a long week.

** EDIT - I'm glad I went out of my way to watch the Liverpool v Chelsea game; first half was frustrating, didn't think Lampard should have been sent off but it wouldn't have really made a difference, we were all over them and Torres was class! GET IN!

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