Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heart to Heart

Happy Valentine's Day!

I couldn't move in Tesco today for chocolates, flowers, crackers (ie like the Christmas variety only with hearts, dontcha know), champagne and....other pink stuff lining the aisles, next to all the Easter eggs.

Yeah, it's all very commercialised but what isn't these days - it's all helping the economy in some way, innit?

Me and Boom* (yes, finally a mention of sorts) exchanged cards in the morning but will celebrate tomorrow as he had forgotten and had made other plans that he couldn't change. I know this would bother some women (and face it, I think Valentines is really for women) but it doesn't bother me - maybe if this had happened last year it would have been different but this year, I'm just going with the flow.

Hope everyone felt loved up today! :-)

*Not his real name


  1. Anonymous1:50 pm

    I have never done Valentine's Day in any relationship. Too yucky for me.

    But I would love to learn more about your new romance.


    Ms Nosey!!!


  2. Ooooooh! Now he has a name. ( so GLAD thats not his real one LOL!) its beguinning to sound serious......
    Hope you are having MUCH fun!

  3. celebrating on any day is just as good. i'd like to hear more, too.

  4. What a pity - Boom is an ace name!

  5. I think I see Valentine's as a nice day to celebrate, as opposed to a necessary day - I see what you mean about it being yucky RB and I do think it can be OTT but people can celebrate it in their own way so it doesn't have to be yucky.

    Anyway, we went to a Mexican restaurant - service was slow but food was good as was the company!

    Yeah, Boom is a great name Rol, kinda superheroey! :-)