Monday, December 29, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is...

Well I dunno about anyone else but I had a most pleasant Christmas - stress-free, relaxing, lots of drink, too much food (maybe the other way round...).

I was given my own Christmas stocking (a blingy snow white one!) as the glamorous C's son still 'believes'. It was filled with goodies - I must have been a good girl!

So Christmas morning, after a heavy night of champagne and wine, we were woken up early to shouts of "IT'S CHRISSSSSTMAS!" to open presents. Although not technically a gift as it was an unwanted upgrade of the glamorous C, I still see my new Nokia mobile phone as such - it's so dinky and cool!

Long distance calls to speak to members of my family - it was good to hear what they did, albeit without me and when I heard my little niece on the phone say my name, I tried not to get too emotional. Shame I didn't catch my Gran though.

The glamorous C cooked a lovely Christmas dinner - I did my share of peeling vegetables, and slicing/serving the meat, and also kept the kids amused so she was able to cook with little distraction. We ate non-stop, drank gin and a load of Baileys and watched Top Of The Pops. The kids' dad came to pick them up so me and the glamorous C carried on into the night, catching a whole manner of festive tv, it was really relaxing.

We didn't get many chances to chat but the glamorous C is in a happy place right now - she mentioned that her new bloke had asked her to move in with him, that her next wedding would be a very small! Maybe it's just me but things are like going way too fast for my mind to comprehend (they met on 1st Nov...) but if she's happy and comfortable with it, it's no business of mine to say anything, I mean what do I know?
Boxing Day, we stayed in our pyjamas until late afternoon, watched St Trinians on DVD (the recent adaptation), nursed a sore head.

Later, the glamorous C was off to see her sugar daddy and me...? Well, I went out too and after watching Pride & Glory, had a fab and fun (but very late) night.

The next couple of days are a blur of sleeping, eating (turkey sandwiches or cheese and crackers) and watching episode after excellent episode of Lost: Season 3.

Sportwise, the festive period hasn't been a good one for Ebbsfleet United, but has been excellent for Liverpool, who after beating Bolton 3-0 on Boxing Day, went on to thrash Newcastle 5-1, netting me a nice crisp tenner (my usual wager with the Geordie at work) and keeping the Reds on top of the league into the new year and on track to win their first ever Premier League title....

Today, I thought I'd brave the sales. Decided against going to the Trafford Centre so I went into a very chilly Manchester. When I saw the hoardes there, I developed a headache but after a coupla hours, I came away with a few bits and pieces, including some incredibly high heels (why? Because they were on sale...) and being organised for once, picked up Christmas cards for next year too!

Back to work tomorrow before another long weekend - I need to motivate myself for aerobics too, start as I mean to go on, etc.

So did Santa bring me what I wanted? Perhaps - only hope that it's not just for Christmas! ;-)


  1. Glad to hear you had a stress free and fun filled xmas!
    I survived mine. Which was as good as I expected or hoped for, and have had a nice few days with my son, since. Now I just need to get NY over with! I'm no fun really, am I?

  2. I was woken by a 7 1/2 year old cherub singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" (two verses and choruses) at 6:50am.

    Awesome watching her rip open the prezzies, though. And I helped her put down the oats and glitter that led the reindeer to the door after she was tucked up in bed ;)