Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 - will things be fine...?

2007 was rather turbulent for me; I looked forward to 2008, yet was also pretty apprehensive about starting a new year as a singleton. I needn't have worried really.

Things started off well - I'd set myself new goals, achieved some of the short-term ones and felt good about myself. But as the economy nose-dived and the credit crunch took hold, things went a bit pear-shaped at work (as they have done for many other people.) I didn't get the pay rise I asked for and the axe swung over my head, only for me to get a reprieve. Good or bad? I dunno yet.

Still, I had a fabulous holiday with my best friend, had the odd pleasant distraction and the year ended a little better than I thought it would.

So, how do I face 2009? I know for a fact that it will be a bad year on the whole (financially, workwise and also, personally...), therefore I face it without fear of the unknown - I shall make the most of the good things in my life and grasp at the few opportunities that swing by. Things will be bad but they can only get better.

Thought about new year resolutions, was going to set myself some really challenging ones but the year will be challenging enough methinks, so these are the ones I've decided on (some are the same ones as last year):

Short Term:
- No buying alcohol for personal consumption at home until April (I'm sure the 2.5 litres of gin, plus other bottles of stuff will keep me going until then...)

Long Term:
- Budget - in a major way, watch my spending
- No buying books aside from two books from a charity shop for holiday purposes - use library and read the books gathering dust on the shelves at home
- De-clutter at least once a month - get rid of stuff on ebay/charity shops
- Be more organised with paperwork at home
- Don't get distracted at work; by this I mean the internet

Again, I've set a couple of personal goals which I shan't divulge here - they won't be easy to achieve but hey, life is a challenge or it'd be boring, right?

Anyway, amidst the doom and gloom, all the best to all for 2009 - we shall survive as there is light at the end of the long dark tunnel.

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