Thursday, November 06, 2008

Massively Pearshaped

I've avoided talking about work cos it's all bloody miserable and going wrong right now.

The day before I was due back into the office after my hols, I got a text from my workmate JH:

"Listen, loads has happened whilst you've been away and some of it you'll need to know before you even get to your desk. Shall we meet for breakfast and you can tell me about your jollies at the same time? Don't panic though! We all still have jobs!"

I didn't panic but I feared the worst and because of this, the news wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, although it still is pretty dire.

In my absence, we (myself, JH and AR) have been seconded for the next month and a half to another department in a last ditch attempt to help the company reach its year end targets. It's seriously getting desperate. We're however like the cavalry that are arriving a little too late and are there just to minimise the damage that's already been done.

So what happens to my existing job? I've got to cover that too, although with the current climate, it's a little quieter than usual, but nevertheless, there's still a stack of stuff in my inbox.
I'm so glad that there are distractions outside of work so I can think about other stuff otherwise I'd seriously lose the will to live.

Still no news on my gym membership, I think I can blag one more month before they stop letting me in. I hope something gets sorted soon.


  1. *hug*

    Oh, and didn't you get bored of Karin Slaughter after her first 3 books? I did. All got very Miss Marple with this one woman causing an enormous crime spree involving her whole family.

    I gather she's started a new series with a new central character. Who has all kinds of bad things happen to her and her family.


  2. Thanks Mosher. This is my first Karin Slaughter book - it's ok but have read better. I think the small town aspect makes it a little Miss Marple-ish. I'll make my next book something a bit different.

  3. I can't recall which is the first novel. I read the first three or four in order, one after the other - I'd borrowed them just before I left the UK and wanted to rattle through them to return them.

    The crimes get more and more outlandish, but they just all centre round one character and they're all by chance. The writing is fine and the stories are good, but you just can't do all that to a single character over a series of novels without it seeming far too contrived.

  4. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Like you say, it's just as well that things outside of work are good.

    It does sound very stressful. Probably best to keep quiet about the gym membership. They might forget and just keep on paying?

    I kept an email account with my old employer for about 2 years after I left (which gave me all sorts of interesting insights as I got internal circulars and things!) just because they never noticed and I never said.

  5. I'm not going to mention the gym thing, I had been chasing HR but hopefully something will get sorted v soon.

  6. oh dear. I hate that the job thing is so unsure for you rightnow. My company is going through something similar and I worry that as mamagement, i will get cut. Not a good feeling considering I will have 2 extra mouths to feed next year.