Monday, November 10, 2008


My kitchen resembles a crime scene from CSI - I haven't had a chance to clean up the evidence...

This morning, I decided to make corned beef sandwiches for my lunch. I'd washed my hands and they were still wet as I worked on opening the can of corned beef.

My hand slipped but I didn't feel anything, except that my hand was still very wet.

I shook my hand and a spray of red drops appeared on the kitchen worktop….so bright and red they were that it didn't register in my brain what had happened so I shook my hand again, and again, another spray of red drops, some ending up on the floor.

Duh - realisation (and a bit of queasiness) kicked in finally that I'd sliced my index finger open on my right hand so I spent 20 frantic minutes trying to staunch the blood. The bleeding appeared to stop, so I stuck a plaster on it and drove to work.

Only it hadn’t stopped, it was still pumping freely when I got to my desk so I had to be taken to the nearest medical walk-in centre to get my finger seen to!

Drama on a Monday morning!

Fortunately, no real damage done, just a sore bandaged-up finger (though have to leave this on for 4 days!!!)
Plus the sandwiches weren't too bad either!


  1. Muppet.

    Says the guy who slashed his wrist open at work when he slipped with a Stanley knife and walked around showing it off as blood pooled on the floor and girls fainted.

    Cool scar, though.

  2. Lol, yeah I was a right muppet. Hope it doesn't scar though, have enough already!

  3. Aaargh! Hope that heals up soon.

  4. Anonymous5:42 pm

    OMG Weenie. You are even more clumsy than I am.

    When my children cut themselves I am a really heartless person and just yell "get off the carpet and away from the sofa."

    So my first thought was that it was good it happened in the kitchen where surfaces are easy to wipe down.

    Hope it's OK now and that they didn't have to amputate!!

  5. I think she was trying to do the amputation herself...

  6. Lol - swear I'm getting clumsier as I get older, or maybe it's cos I've just got my head in the clouds all the time! A few weeks ago, I bumped my head on the bookshelf as I bent down to pick up something I'd dropped. It really hurt but it was only when I passed the mirror in the hallway when I saw the blood running down the side of my face...oops!

    Finger should be ok, thanks to those concerned, lol!

  7. OUCH! Poor you! and thank you for doing the meme on my blog!