Tuesday, September 02, 2008

We Are Family

It's not very often that we get a family get together, since nearly all of my family are on the other side of the world.

So when we do get together, it's a big thing and it's very noisy!

My parents are over and it's great to see them, although kinda weird having them in the house. I feel like a teenager all over again, having to let them know if I'm coming home or staying out (so they know whether to cook my tea) and if the latter, them asking questions about who I'm staying out with...

My waistline is quickly expanding from my mum's home cooking - I so need to go back to my minimum food routine soon and work harder in my aerobics classes!

Two of my sisters have been in and around the house too - that was nice, (not long enough for us to have arguments) but our clothes and toiletries all got mixed up and nobody could find anything - nightmare!

Anyway, last Thurs, we flew down to London and celebrated mum's 60th birthday - pregnant sis #3 turned up with hubbie and little niece (all just off the plane) and we ate in an oh so posh restaurant - Wilton's. Excellent food as you would expect and maybe we shouldn't have had so much of the expensive pink champagne...(still need to pay my share of the bill...).

Was great to see little niece and little nephew interacting - she is a little minx with an extremely loud pixie voice - she obviously takes after our side of the family - he is just such a happy little chappie!

Anyway, the family get together wasn't just for my mum's birthday but for....the wedding!

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  1. I wish my family get together were as festive as yours. I can't visit my family longer than 3 days otherwise drama insues.