Tuesday, September 02, 2008

High Heeled Catch Up

Hmm, been a while since I was able to update so going to try to get a load done in one go while I've set some time aside.

Back to work today and oh joy, nothing's changed - day started ok, then got steadily worse as people realised I was back in the office so started to pester me.....

Fortunately, the glamorous C was online to distract me (more on her later...)

Anyway, let's get to composing my first post of the night...


Ok, so in my last post I mentioned going out - to my little sister's best friend's evening wedding reception. So I turned up at the Slug and Lettuce in Didsbury in my new heels and funky dress that I'd never worn before, and suddenly realised that I barely knew anyone at the party (3...including my sis to be precise).

A few double gins later, well, I was able to chat to anyone!

I was chatting to one of the girls when the groom's best mate comes up to us and says 'Do you want to dance?' The girl I was chatting to pipes up 'Are you asking?' and he replied 'No, I'm asking her', pointing at me - I nearly spat my gin out, haha, I'm such a lady!

Well good job the alcohol had numbed my feet cos I was able to do some 'moves' on the dancefloor!

A young lawyer from Essex also made a beeline for me, hell I must have been hot that night! :-)Couple of dances, he tried to kiss me a few times but in the middle of the dancefloor ? Purlease! I wasn't that drunk!

Sis #2 turned up late at the party, straight off the plane from Hong Kong via London - party animal!

A good night, am glad I went, needed it after some recent events. Crashed out around 2.30am after an origami frenzy...


  1. Is 'origami frenzy' a euphamism? :)

  2. LOL - sadly, the boring truth is that we were actually making origami models! Hey, not easy when you're under influence!

  3. Let me get this right. You were at a wedding, two guys tried to chat you up, you were drunk... and you collapsed exhausted from origami?!

    Good grief.

  4. Yeah...I'm kinda fussy! ;-)

  5. Good job you're so nice - you can afford to be!

    *smarm smarm*

  6. Those must have been some awesome origami shapes. I've never done OUI, origami under the influence.